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Zoom Conferenced Classrooms…Available
Now (and in the Future?)
Zoom Conferenced Classrooms…Available
Now (and in the Future?)
The Covid-19 crisis and ensuing lockdown
and has left many operators furloughing
staff to protect their businesses.
3. Public AWARE focuses on customer
care, compliance and how to effectively
communicate with customers in different
situations and settings.
After confirmation from HMRC that
essential training can be undertaken during
furloughed leave but, recognising that
classroom-based courses were impractical
during lockdown, the DVSA allowed
JAUPT-registered organisations to submit
their DCPC courses for assessment against
an online conferenced version.
• IMI Electric
Vehicle Modules
1-8: a two-part
course that
provides general
awareness of
electric and
hybrid vehicles,
suitable for anyone
who comes in
contact with
these alternative
fuelled vehicles.
Note; this is a
great e-learning
course and very
informative but
not specific to the
NTP submitted several courses and were
granted immediate approval. These online
training modules are a great way for
drivers, technicians and operational staff
to maintain their skills and increase their
knowledge and for your business to remain
compliant whilst showing a duty of care to
staff training, health and wellbeing.
Each Zoom-conferenced module uses the
same content & framework as the physical
classroom-based modules, which are
specifically designed for the Roadside &
Rescue industry and can still award 7-hours
of DCPC periodic training.
The first courses available in this new
format are probably the most valuable for
the industry during these very trying times,
Mental Health AWARE: Looking at Mental
Health & Wellbeing in the transport industry
and focusing on the Roadside & Recovery
industry. Taking in to account the current
situation, recognising factors that can affect
mental health, the symptoms & methods of
Electric Vehicle & Hybrid AWARE: The ever
popular EV course specifically designed
for the industry to improve awareness and
alleviate fears when working with these
alternative fuelled cars.
Roadside AWARE: A basic H&S module
that also makes up one part of the IMI VR
Modules 1, 2 & 3. Taken in conjunction
with the online Pubic Aware course (and
subsequent Practical Assessment) staff
can be working towards these mandatory
modules that meet industry guidelines &
best practice. Learning includes everything
that a recovery professional should know to
risk assess and be safe at the scene.
Public AWARE: The second module that
makes up the IMI VR Modules 1, 2 &
who drives as part of their job including;
vocational drivers, fleet and “grey” fleet
drivers. Providing important H&S, best
practice and health & wellbeing information
with a final
assessment that
is recorded for
auditing, training
& compliance
Courses can be awarded with or without
periodic training hours as those staff who
don’t need DCPC such as Technicians,
Managers & Control Room Operators can
still undertake the full course and will be
issued a Certificate of Attendance which
can be used for continuous personal
development training, auditing and
compliance purposes.
Note: for all staff working towards the
IMI VR Modules 1, 2 & 3 they’ll need
to complete the workbooks and pass a
Practical Test before the IMI certification is
awarded, to be arranged once Lockdown
restrictions are lifted. (Additional costs will
In addition, there are several e-learning
courses available to meet H&S at work,
corporate / employer liability requirements
and improve skills & knowledge:
• DriveAWARE: a driver awareness
course that can be undertaken for anyone
(Note: for anyone
applying for a
PATAM card
through NTP both
the DriveAWARE
and IMI EV
Module 1-8 are
included in the new
£60 for 3-years
membership price. PATAM is a digital
identity and skills accreditation card that
can be used as a fraud-proof Key Worker
card during these times as well as speeding
up collection and delivery times at depots
and compounds. Bollington’s, insurers for
the industry, offer a reduction of up to 10%
on annual premiums for companies who
have adopted the card scheme)
To enquiry about online or e-learning
courses and prices contact NTP info@
We will endeavour to accommodate any
date requested however, due to keeping
the numbers low to ensure delegate
engagement, we may need to look at
alternative dates for you.


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