April - May Mag Issue 25 Paperturn - Page 14

After 3 years of none stop news programs
about Brexit its now all change, and all
of a sudden every minute of every news
program is taken up with corona virus
stories. I am only to aware of the crisis, who
isn’t, but there must be other news stories
that would be both interesting and can also
help raise moral. It’s a never ending gloom
and doom. I know it’s gone on forever in
politics but if government says something is
black the opposition will say its white, how
did it work during the last war when the
country was run by a collation government,
maybe there was hell on and no Laura
Kuenssberg to report back.
Talking about the war, as I love to do, My
father ran a dairy farm and my mum always
said it was the best years of their lives,
plenty of food, on a farm, people willing to
help, little bureaucratic, and in many cases
government help. I remember you could
get your fields ploughed free or subsidised
up until about 1952 by the WARAG a
body set up and funded to help farmers
boost food production, so with the country
in crisis my family were winners, just like
the car factories switching to making
aeroplanes. Moving to the present time
how are we doing at the coal face and who
are the winners, not many I’m afraid but
could it be more. It’s said that thousands
of British companies are trying to supply
PPE, including ventilators, but hardly any
have got the nod. We must see all sides
and maybe a lot of the products are sub
standard or over
priced but surely
not thousands, also
dealing with lots of
small suppliers is
not as easy as one
Chinese company,
or is it?. Who
would have thought
hundreds of small
boats would save
the day at Dunkirk,
so now is the time
to get the country
working and saving
the day.
The people and the
suppliers building the Nightingale Hospitals
deserve more than a pat on the back, it’s
just incredible. One small engineering
company near us has gone onto 24hrs
making beds after recalling furloughed
staff, another winner, but somewhat
less deserving are the food suppliers
and supermarkets who are raking it and
cannot help themselves as far as greed
is concerned, my ready meal, always half
price on a midweek has been replaced by
a full price smaller version. If we need to
find a sure fire looser it’s our breakdown
and recovery industry or at least our bit,
the work providers must be laughing their
masks off having banked the membership
and now no jobs for us, talk about win win.
Some have responded better than others
but if you have no work one day and a
few the next it is tough. Contractors with a
police contract seem to be hit worst, with
so few cars on the roads it’s difficult to
get any to collide so we are left collecting
rubbish with no money in it, and still the
stand by service is needed. I like the sound
of the LARO initiative to get inside the M25
covered let’s hope the clubs get their hands
in their pockets to help it alone. It may
just be that more and more winners may
emerge as time goes by, but In the mean
time it’s difficult to see how we can turn the
corner and become winners ourselves.
Fred Henderson / Breakdown Doctor
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